Friday, February 10, 2012

Beshear names 23, including Todd and Silberman, to tax reform commission

"This is not a question of courage. 
This is a question of timing.
I firmly believe that Kentucky's leaders, 
in the governor's office and in the legislature, 
have the political courage and will to tackle this complex issue."
-- Gov Steve Beshear

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 This from the Herald-leader:
Gov. Steve Beshear has named 23 people, including former University of Kentucky President Lee T. Todd Jr. and Stu Silberman, executive director of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence and former Fayette County school superintendent, to a commission that will draft a proposal to overhaul Kentucky's tax code.
The commission must have its recommendations finished by Nov. 15, giving lawmakers time to review them before the 2013 General Assembly begins in January.
Beshear, speaking at a Capitol news conference Thursday, said commission members are from diverse geographic areas and backgrounds — they include bankers, educators, union members, small-business leaders and mental health advocates. Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson previously was named chairman of the commission.
The state has slashed more than $1 billion in spending during the past four years, and Beshear's proposed budget for the next two fiscal years would cut an additional $286 million. Some of those cuts have been in core services, such as education. The state is losing traction in key areas because of lack of investment, Beshear said Thursday...

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Anonymous said...

Holly cow, they have been kicking this can down the road for twenty years. Didn't Paul Patton do the very same thing with his own Blue Ribbon Review Committee? The least these guys can do is meet at the new KY casinos we might be building. Seems strange that it looks like we will be able to draft a constitutional ammendment, vote on it and probably have the slots and black jack tables up and running before these guys can make a recommendation much less get legislature to act on it.