Sunday, March 20, 2011

1 Minute to Eliminate Ray, 1 Hour 59 Minutes to Choose McPherson

Fayette school board hires
same search firm Jefferson board is using

This from Jim Warren at the Herald-Leader:

Fayette County Board of Education members voted unanimously Saturday to retain McPherson & Jacobson LLC, a superintendent search firm from Nebraska, to help find a successor to outgoing Superintendent Stu Silberman.

McPherson & Jacobson also has been hired by the Jefferson County Board of Education to coordinate its search for a new superintendent.

But Fayette board members said Saturday the two simultaneous searches should not conflict because McPherson would assign an entirely separate team to work on the Lexington effort.

The board hopes to meet with McPherson representatives next Thursday or Saturday to negotiate details of a contract, said Fayette Board Chairman John Price.

The Fayette board also agreed Saturday to use the services of the Kentucky School Boards Association to assist McPherson in the superintendent search on an "as needed basis." The association's familiarity with Kentucky's education system and laws would be an added benefit, board members said.

Price stressed the board will hold a fully transparent superintendent search, and give the public extensive opportunities to advise the board on what qualities Lexington wants in a new school superintendent. The board is developing an extensive list of public focus groups to offer input.

"We want to make sure everybody is at the table," Price said. "The more people we can reach out to make a part of the process, the better will be the outcome." ...

It's a good thing, and easy choice, to avoid Ray & Associates. You never know what you're going to get. After the embarassing 2003 spectacle Ray made of avoiding public input for a public position in Fayette County and the outrageous failure of Ray during the Barbara Erwin affair, I can't imagine how they got 69 points. Price and the Board are doing the right thing. The position needs a solid public vetting.

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