Tuesday, March 01, 2011

House Ed Panel Amends, Passes Senate’s Principal Hiring Bill

Superintendent would sit on school council,
vote on new hire
This from KSBA:
The House Education Committee voted overwhelmingly Tuesday morning for an amended Senate-passed bill that would give superintendents a new role in the hiring of school principals.

Under language adopted in a 22-3 approval of a committee substitute for Senate Bill 12, when a principal vacancy occurs:
  • a superintendent or his/her designee would serve as chairperson of the school’s site-based decision making council for the selection process
  • the superintendent or his/her designee would be a voting member of the council in the hiring of the new principal
  • all applications for the vacant principal’s job would be given to the full council, and
  • the principal would be selected by a majority vote of the council, including the superintendent or his/her designee.

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