Thursday, September 09, 2010

State and Local Stimulus Spending Database

The Education Writers Association has launched, an interactive site that lets you track spending on K–12 education from the federal economic stimulus law in states and school districts nationwide.

Follow $62.1 billion in grants from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act as it makes its way to 12,408 school districts and other education agencies across the country. Compare how different districts use grant money—both how much is at their disposal and how quickly they spend it. Annotate state and school district information pages by uploading links to relevant articles, blog posts, or other resources

EdMoney now has the most up-to-date numbers on how fast school districts are spending their federal stimulus dollars. Our database includes state stabilization funds, Title I and IDEA supplemental grants, as well as other miscellaneous awards. It is believed to be the only site that offers district-by-district breakdowns of education stimulus grants nationwide.

The data is linked to the federal Common Core of Data, so you can even match your districts to others of similar size.

We're now aggregating links, blog posts and data on stimulus money flowing to states and districts around the U.S. We're adding more all the time, more links, more data, more everything.

Now comes your part: Can you help us? Do you know something about how stimulus was used in your state or – more importantly – your district? Register and contribute!

Tell us what you know, small or large. Find your state or district and help us track one of the largest infusions of federal money into local education in history.

8 Stimulus grants tracked
$808.3 million Stimulus funds awarded
$318.9 million Stimulus dollars spent
39% Percent of stimulus dollars spent

Fayette County
$24.7 million Stimulus funds awarded
$8.9 million Stimulus dollars spent
36% Percent of stimulus dollars spent
34,335 Total students
Figures are grants tracked by updated for the second quarter 2010.

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