Thursday, September 16, 2010

Assessment Data to be Released Next Week

On Thursday, September 23, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) will unveil a new reporting mechanism for data related to student assessment scores. The data in the reports are embargoed until 12:01 a.m. ET on September 23.

Three report sections will be made publicly available on that day, posted in the KDE OpenHouse section of the agency’s website. The OpenHouse portal will be live on September 23, with a link on the KDE homepage.

The three report sections are:
  • Achievement: This category focuses primarily on Kentucky students reaching the goal of proficiency. Reports found here include:
    o Kentucky Core Content Test (KCCT) Combined Reading and Mathematics Proficient/Distinguished Report
    o federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) data
    o Iowa Test of Basic Skills data – administered in grades 3-7

  • Gap: All students in Kentucky are expected to reach proficiency. This category focuses on how student groups are attaining this goal.
    o KCCT Combined Reading and Mathematics Gap-to-Goal Comparison Report

  • Readiness for College/Career: A key focus for Kentucky is preparing each student for college/career. Kentucky's future accountability system will include indicators of college/career readiness. A special report for this section is the High School Percentage.
    o percentage of high school graduates college/career-ready
    o 8th-grade EXPLORE, 10th-grade PLAN and 11th-grade ACT data

  • Coming Soon....Growth: A future report section will focus on student academic growth measures and will be computed beginning in 2012, with data expected to be available in the summer of 2012.

This new reporting mechanism is supported by the Kentucky Student Longitudinal Data System (KSLDS). The mechanism is designed to provide educators, parents, students, elected officials and the public a central location in which to access key reports and information, based on the concept of an “open house” for gaining information.

SOURCE: KDE press release

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the article about what makes a great leader. He or she inspires you to go to great heights. Dr. Silberman simply doesn't do that for me. He simply dictates policy (taking cues from other ed leaders and telling his people that "heads will roll" if scores don't go up) By threatening teachers and insinuating that they could lose their jobs or be reassigned, Silberman has created nothing but a climate of fear for me. One thing is for sure, though, under his guidance test scores have gone up because we are TEACHING to the test. If we had a norm-referenced test, this would probably tell the truth about Fayette County Public Schools.