Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kentucky School Districts Receive EduJobs Allocations

Adair County $602,373.00
Allen County $668,474.00
Anchorage Independent $42,855.00
Anderson County $786,836.00
Ashland Independent $700,280.00
Augusta Independent $76,436.00
Ballard County $289,296.00
Barbourville Independent $156,388.00
Bardstown Independent $483,447.00
Barren County $1,007,125.00
Bath County $481,396.00
Beechwood Independent $187,131.00
Bell County $776,284.00
Bellevue Independent $153,800.00
Berea Independent $280,503.00
Boone County $2,648,018.00
Bourbon County $526,494.00
Bowling Green Independent $849,036.00
Boyd County $689,350.00
Boyle County $568,584.00
Bracken County $273,689.00
Breathitt County $577,480.00
Breckinridge County $598,682.00
Bullitt County $2,425,686.00
Burgin Independent $84,085.00
Butler County $510,895.00
Caldwell County $470,300.00
Calloway County $622,359.00
Campbell County $733,563.00
Campbellsville Independent $262,886.00
Carlisle County $189,374.00
Carroll County $375,381.00
Carter County $1,247,443.00
Casey County $620,594.00
Caverna Independent $166,254.00
Christian County $1,929,228.00
Clark County $1,009,665.00
Clay County $965,027.00
Clinton County $409,602.00
Cloverport Independent $90,321.00
Corbin Independent $611,035.00
Covington Independent $868,640.00
Crittenden County $291,012.00
Cumberland County $243,696.00
Danville Independent $375,194.00
Daviess County $2,360,298.00
Dawson Springs Independent $191,378.00
Dayton Independent $253,387.00
East Bernstadt Independent $137,042.00
Edmonson County $492,600.00
Elizabethtown Independent $508,469.00
Elliott County $293,622.00
Eminence Independent $155,888.00
Erlanger-Elsmere Independent $500,540.00
Estill County $616,785.00
Fairview Independent $200,526.00
Fayette County $4,617,458.00
Fleming County $562,745.00
Floyd County $1,523,078.00
Fort Thomas Independent $426,167.00
Frankfort Independent $170,216.00
Franklin County $1,048,418.00
Fulton County $140,025.00
Fulton Independent $115,255.00
Gallatin County $351,850.00
Garrard County $582,371.00
Glasgow Independent $434,689.00
Grant County $870,901.00
Graves County $1,011,920.00
Grayson County $968,034.00
Green County $425,369.00
Greenup County $718,405.00
Hancock County $368,148.00
Hardin County $3,040,671.00
Harlan County $1,019,832.00
Harlan Independent $218,552.00
Harrison County $694,611.00
Hart County $564,524.00
Hazard Independent $227,668.00
Henderson County $1,479,679.00
Henry County $482,356.00
Hickman County $179,532.00
Hopkins County $1,688,644.00
Jackson County $634,835.00
Jackson Independent $109,382.00
Jefferson County $15,406,729.00
Jenkins Independent $160,469.00
Jessamine County $1,385,172.00
Johnson County $962,504.00
Kenton County $2,317,734.00
Knott County $505,565.00
Knox County $1,207,570.00
LaRue County $595,172.00
Laurel County $2,102,841.00
Lawrence County $551,225.00
Lee County $279,351.00
Leslie County $448,272.00
Letcher County $839,427.00
Lewis County $577,489.00
Lincoln County $1,031,662.00
Livingston County $234,765.00
Logan County $800,214.00
Ludlow Independent $207,849.00
Lyon County $122,149.00
Madison County $2,158,964.00
Magoffin County $606,862.00
Marion County $737,131.00
Marshall County $895,904.00
Martin County $502,400.00
Mason County $551,970.00
Mayfield Independent $388,876.00
McCracken County $1,247,695.00
McCreary County $846,861.00
McLean County $387,607.00
Meade County $1,160,760.00
Menifee County $329,294.00
Mercer County $706,157.00
Metcalfe County $413,105.00
Middlesboro Independent $378,898.00
Monroe County $480,336.00
Montgomery County $1,005,902.00
Monticello Independent $233,454.00
Morgan County $545,570.00
Muhlenberg County $1,149,663.00
Murray Independent $234,113.00
Nelson County $966,049.00
Newport Independent $403,239.00
Nicholas County $293,162.00
Ohio County $936,463.00
Oldham County $2,058,740.00
Owen County $418,200.00
Owensboro Independent $996,437.00
Owsley County $225,182.00
Paducah Independent $630,254.00
Paintsville Independent $177,478.00
Paris Independent $175,380.00
Pendleton County $627,537.00
Perry County $1,009,252.00
Pike County $2,138,078.00
Pikeville Independent $232,289.00
Pineville Independent $146,226.00
Powell County $632,891.00
Pulaski County $1,705,201.00
Raceland Independent $243,667.00
Robertson County $101,866.00
Rockcastle County $799,074.00
Rowan County $709,463.00
Russell County $686,293.00
Russell Independent $474,580.00
Russellville Independent $254,229.00
Science Hill Independent $101,695.00
Scott County $1,447,862.00
Shelby County $1,264,759.00
Silver Grove Independent $56,173.00
Simpson County $576,871.00
Somerset Independent $275,214.00
Southgate Independent $39,751.00
Spencer County $539,419.00
Taylor County $599,267.00
Todd County $492,989.00
Trigg County $404,747.00
Trimble County $324,483.00
Union County $543,919.00
Walton Verona Independent $301,642.00
Warren County $2,382,067.00
Washington County $413,050.00
Wayne County $608,445.00
Webster County $515,103.00
West Point Independent $27,700.00
Whitley County $1,258,710.00
Williamsburg Independent $192,067.00
Williamstown Independent $217,884.00
Wolfe County $371,645.00
Woodford County $624,120.00


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the info. How did they divide the money? I somehow missed that part.

Also, did you attend the public forum for the Fayette County School Board Candidates? I just was curious as to your thoughts. My thoughts: I thought Ferguson and Queen both did equally well. I thought Ferguson had a little bit better handle on the questions than Queen did, probably from her experience on the Board. Queen came out opposed to charter schools. His comment about Henry Clay HS being overcrowded also surprised me some. They were both good, but I'd keep Ferguson if I had a vote.

In the second forum (which is the one I went to see), I thought Barnett was the best candidate by far. He did a really good job of hammering home and supporting his points about school performance, closing the achievement gap, and getting the board out of IAKSS and into the community. Two of his ideas stood out: rotating board meetings to the schools in each election district to increase the visibility of the board and expaning Meadowthorpe's school supply program to every school in the county. You could tell he did his homework on the issues and he had some memorable lines. He said something like the code of our civic humanity was to make sure our kids had better opportunities than the previous generation. I was blown away at that comment!

Thomas Duncan hammered home the fact that he was a lifetime 2nd District resident. He pointed out Tinsley and Barnett moved into the district (he made a crack that he had been living there the longest and Barnett hadn't even been born. Barnett responded that he was hoping to keep age from being an issue in the campaign. Pretty funny.) Duncan made some good points about law enforcement needed support and about having defined standards for achievement, but then followed that up with demanding the firing of the principal at BSHS. Duncan said that he only cared about schools located in the 2nd District. I found that alarming.

I thought Tinsley had a bad night. I thought his best moment was at the beginning when he thanked Barnett for saying that his opening statement described what he did on the board every day, i.e. spoke on behalf of the kids. Then he said that the 2nd District schools were doing great, but had to change that to we can't improve them overnight after Barnett and Duncan (mostly Barnett) presented some stats. At the end, Tinsley called both Duncan and Barnett "no shows" at school board meetings and events. Barnett then reminded him that he was present and spoke up at the February redistricting forum while Tinsely was not there. That pretty much summed up the night for him.

Just my take.

Richard Day said...

Using SEEK to distribute funds makes it proportional to the number of students in a given district - so, roughly, per pupil.

Thanks for your observations on the FCPS board races. I did not attend.

Anonymous said...

I noticed a new trend. Posts are disappearing or they are not getting posted at all. There was a recent post about FCPS and unspent stimulus money. It has since disappeared from the discussion board,

Richard Day said...

Hummm. I don't know what you mean by "not getting posted at all" but I have only deleted one item in recent memory.

What you may very well be seeing is some difficulty I have posting as much as I would like. This is simply due to the press of other business. Since I am now a tenure-track professor I have had to shift much of my attention to scholarly writing. I don't talk a lot about it on the blog (yes, I know I'm supposed to) but I've been preparing articles and presentations more and more this past year and it has put a big dent into my investigation/ blogging time.

I did receive a grant which will afford me a research assistant this year. That might help...some.

It is not uncommon for me to collect information in a blog post which gets edited into a post later as more information is gathered. I am presently doing that with a piece on EduJobs. But you can't see those....so I'm not sure what you're seeing.

But nothing should be disappearing.