Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The SEED School

There's a unique school that's giving kids from an inner-city neighborhood that only graduates 33 percent of its high school students a shot at college they never had before. Byron Pitts reports on the SEED school, the first urban, public boarding school.

They do it with leadership. They do it with hard work over long hours. They do it with private and public help.

They do it with dedicated people.

This from 60 Minutes:

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Hat tip to Terry Holliday.

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Thanks for the post! I’m an employee of SEED, the organization featured in this 60 Minutes newscast, and we’re excited about this story. Follow us on Twitter or become our fan on Facebook if you’re interested in learning more about SEED or an upcoming Hollywood film on education reform called Waiting for Superman, by Davis Guggenheim.

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