Friday, May 21, 2010

Jeni Dinkel's son sues Covington Catholic

This from the Enquirer:

Alex Dinkel claims school
didn't protect him from harassment

The son of former Hollywood makeup artist Jeni Lee Dinkel has sued Covington Catholic High School for failing to protect him from harassment caused by his mother sleeping with a 15-year-old classmate.

The suit filed Monday in Kenton Circuit Court also claims the school violated Alex Dinkel’s civil rights by not accommodating his special needs as a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer, called Ewing’s Sarcoma skull-based tumor, a month before his mother was charged with raping his classmate.“They failed Alex based on their disapproval of his mother’s actions,” said Alex Dinkel’s attorney, Scott Ryan Nazzarine, a partner with first-amendment lawyer H. Louis Sirkin, nationally known for representing such clients as Hustler publisher Larry Flynt. “They can’t abdicate their responsibility based on their opinion of his mother.”

The suit claims that Covington Catholic tried to get Alex to transfer to another school by not making it easy for him to keep up with school work while receiving cancer treatments, banning his mother from graduation and refusing to accept a scholarship endowment in his name.


Anonymous said...

Why is he doing this now? Why didn't he do it right after wards or during his time at the school? Is the family hurting for money now? This makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

The claim certainly has a ring of truth to it in light of the high school's actions. His mother's conduct should have nothing to do with how the school treated him. Hope he wins.