Thursday, November 19, 2009

Race to the Top Guidelines

While I've been busy being swamped by advising, evaluating, and marrying off a daughter - others have been hard at work.

This week the US Department of Education finally released the application for Race to the Top (RTTT) grant funding. Susan Weston has the scorecard at Prichard.

It looks like this:Great teachers and leaders = 27.6%

State success factors = 25%

Standards and Assessments = 14%

Turning around the lowest achieving schools = 10%

Data systems to support instruction = 9.4%

Emphasis on STEM = 3%

General = 11%

Note: Charters, state funding, and other reforms are part of the "general" section. They are shown separately in Weston's pie chart "because the charter issue has received so much discussion."

Under the General Category...

"Ensuring successful conditions for high-performing charter schools and other innovative schools" figures to 8% of the application.

"Demonstrating other significant reform conditions" (which Kentucky may have been counting on for support) is worth 1%.

"Making education funding a priority" is worth 2%.

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