Sunday, September 13, 2009




Anonymous said...

Dear Richard,

What is JustFund? Is that an organization that promotes gay rights in Kentucky?

I saw the picture of Cathy Stein and wondered.

Richard Day said...

Essentially, yes, fairness for all citizens.

They have a $500,000 matching grant and they are trying to raise another $500,000 to make a $1 million endowment. At that point funding would go to worthy projects.

Ernesto Scorsone and and Debra Hensley have done most of the organizing. This is the second or third year of the fund.

Columbia Gas, UK, QX.Net, Brown & Forman, PNC, State Farm, Gray Construction, LexMark, 5th/3rd, L V Harkness...bunch of corporate sponsors...

Anonymous said...

Richard, what do they deem a "worthy project"?

Anonymous said...

Dear Richard,

Thanks you for your efforts to educate principals and educators on the JustFund project. We are here. And, yes, we are queer!