Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Attention Steve and Leland: Another politician is after your kids and this one wants them to read !

Steve Robertson, chairman of the Republican Party of Kentucky and WLAP 630-AM's conservative pundit Leland Conway recently warned Kentucky parents of the dangers of allowing school children to listen to the president of the United States.

Robertson said Obama's desire to speak directly to America's schoolchildren is "very concerning and kind of creepy." Robertson said the speech was an effort on behalf of the president "to circumvent parents" and "gain direct access to our children."

Naturally, I thought they were both full of it.

But maybe not.

Now comes yet another politician sending subtle socialist messages to our students. He wants them all to read.
...for our collective good, one supposes.

Where President Obama urged responsible behavior on the part of students, this junior congressman is showing up in state libraries and he apparently wants to issue commands to our sweet little children: Read.
And what would he have them read? Why it's a biography of Republican President Theodore Roosevelt. Another closet commie, no doubt ! Tune in tomorrow to hear what Leland has to say about this.
Where will it end?

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