Friday, December 19, 2008

KY Human Rights Commission says number of minority educators is too low

LOUISVILLE – The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights released a report, today, called, Minority Educators in Kentucky Public Schools. The commission compiled statistical information from the Kentucky Department of Education and other sources as its basis for the report. The document illustrates the shortage of minority educators in Kentucky’s 174 school districts.

Executive Director John J. Johnson said, “Although the shortage is a national trend, the state of Kentucky has fallen behind many others.”

Officials are aware of the minority educator shortage and the state has placed many programs to overcome it, but the problem persists, he said.

“This report is an invitation to public officials and all Kentucky citizens to evaluate the current programs in place and creatively design new ones that attract minority students to become educators,” Executive Director Johnson said.

According to the report, only 4 percent of public school teachers belong to a minority, yet approximately 14 percent of the student population consists of minorities...

SOURCE: Human Rights Commission press release

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