Monday, November 23, 2015

New JCTA letter to JCPS teachers: What to do if injured at school

Interpretation:  Let's jack up worker's comp claims and see if that gets the superintendent's attention.

This from WDRB:
Less than a week after issuing a letter encouraging JCPS teachers to call police if they feel threatened by or are attacked by students, the Jefferson County Teachers Association has released a second letter explaining how to respond if they are physically attacked and injured.

The article, titled "Injured at School," is a follow up to last week's letter, "Attacked at School," which explained teachers' rights if they are attacked at school. This week's article covers how to claim workers compensation benefits and other benefits for teachers injured in an assault or another incident on school property.

The letter was placed in the mailboxes of the district's 6,000 teachers over the weekend, according to several teachers who provided a copy of the letter to WDRB News on Monday morning.

In the article, teachers are instructed not to use sick time due to injuries sustained on the job, whether they were the result of an attack or a workplace accident. Instead, teachers are encouraged to file a workers compensation claim. According to the article, teachers may have the legal right to additional compensation if their injury is the result of being attacked by a student or the parent of a student.

The article goes on to describe the types of legal assistance available to teachers who are injured on the job.

The articles were issued not long after WDRB investigation showed many teachers don't feel safe in the classroom -- and that disruptive behavior from students and a lack of support from the administration is causing some to resign and leave JCPS and the profession altogether.

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