Saturday, September 27, 2014

When can Amanda Ferguson expect an apology from the Herald-Leader?

The answer is, never. She is not due an apology for Pett's difference of opinion. Pett should just sit there and be wrong in all of his wrongful wrongness.

This from H-L:

Ferguson owed an apology for cartoon

Concerning, Joel Pett's cartoon of Aug. 26 attacking Amanda Ferguson: In consideration of the troubling findings released last week by Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen and the fact that Ferguson was one of only two Fayette County school board members to demand fiscal transparency and accountability from Superintendent Tom Shelton in the recent budget crisis, when can Ferguson expect an apology from the Herald-Leader?

Apparently we need more school board members disrupting a "culture within certain elements of management that does not reflect the district's purported values." (Quoting Edelen's findings.)
Ferguson and Doug Barnett, both up for re-election on Nov. 4, were the only board members who sought to hold the superintendent accountable for budget discrepancies. They both deserve to be returned to office.

Sue Jordon

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Anonymous said...

Speaking up. Being heard. Asking questions. That is what I want in a board member. Thanks for being here, Amanda. You are supported.

Anonymous said...

It's time to vote out Love, Bacon, and Price, the butt kissers to Shelton. As long as those 3 leaches are in control then the schools system will never go any farther then it is right now. It's very obvious when you watch a board meeting how far a person can kiss up! Time to start new and get 3 people who think like Amanda Ferguson and Doug Barnett. Change is a coming and it starts with the resignations of Shelton, Wright, Jackson, Love, Bacon, and Price!! Nuff said!!!!