Wednesday, September 17, 2014

FCPS Audit Fallout Mounting

“This examination found that unfortunately, it’s not all about the kids.
Mismanagement of the finances of the state’s 2nd largest school district, 
with an annual budget of more than $400 million, is obviously very troubling. 
But even more so is a culture within certain elements of management 
that does not reflect the district’s purported values. Our kids deserve better.”
---Auditor Adam Edelen 

In the wake of a scathing review of district financial practices from State Auditor Adam Edelen, at least two FCPS board members are expressing doubts about Shelton's ability to continue as superintendent. Board Chair John Price has publicly supported Shelton, while members Melissa Bacon and Daryl Love are generally considered to be reliable. Both Amanda Ferguson and Doug Barnett have expressed doubts about Shelton's future.

Below is the auditor's press release, followed by links to the Audit report, and Superintendent Tom Shelton's response to the audit.