Sunday, December 15, 2013

EKU leader makes presidential selfie during commencement

This from the Herald-Leader:

Eastern Kentucky University President Michael T. Benson drew laughter Saturday when he became the first EKU president to do a "selfie" from the commencement stage.

Benson took the photo of himself as he prepared to deliver his address to 1,444 graduates.

From Benson's Facebook page:

Benson: "Not the best foto in the world but I wasn't about to try it twice in front of 6000 people! First presidential selfie in the history of EKU. Go Colonels!"


Anonymous said...

That very professional of a university president!

Anonymous said...

I like Dr. Benson, but not sure what this was about.

Just seems like technology is either cultivating or exposing how self centered we can be. I really don't want to see a picture of you at Walmart in the pasta aisle nor know that you prefer Sonic Fries.

Richard Day said...

C'mon. He's having a little fun with the grads. Good for him.

Anonymous said...

For such a charismatic leader, I wish he would have spend a little more time on his speech than just giving them a history lesson on GWC - not sure how Mandela's passing and his associated influence really align with peanut discoveries.

Anonymous said...

I like the last reader's comment. This is a bright guy, and yet he's trying the same crap Bob Kustra used to do. The reference to Mandela was strange. The "selfie" even stranger,

I think EKU leaders "try too hard." It's okay to be a college where most faculty are not performing cutting edge research, but are doing one hell of a good job educating kids from Eastern Kentucky. EKU is not UK, but its leaders cannot accept that fact.

Anonymous said...

Dr Benson is the MAN!