Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jon Stewart spanks preschool critics

This from the Answer Sheet in the Washington Post:

Take six minutes and 12 seconds to watch this.

Jon Stewart continues to be the best critic of silly education thinking with this “Daily Show” piece about the stupidity of some of the criticism of the idea of government support for high-quality preschool for all kids, an idea President Obama advanced in his State of the Union speech.

Said Stewart:
…. If these children want an education, they should get jobs and pay for it themselves. But that’s illegal, Thanks nanny state…


Anonymous said...

Hey, our state still doesn't fund all day kindergarten, not sure how Gov. and legislators can bang the early childhood gong when they aren't fully funding the next step above it. Most schools aren't/can't do it if they aren't going to get funded for it.

Oh well at least we have plans to install another 20 or so ICBM interceptors in Alaska to address the enormous threat which North Korea presents. Seems like we would have already had most of that in place based on past relationships with former USSR and China during cold war era and occassional friction since then. Probably need to get working on that anti sub net at Pearl Harbor and the defenses at Fort Sumner while we are at it.

Don't get me wrong, I am a strong advocate of our service men and women and they deserve the best resources but we probably need to make sure the next generation of service folks are adequately educated instead allowing propaganda from a paper tiger that can't even feed its own citizens to influence our defense spending.

Richard Day said...

My perception is that the governor and other proponents are banging the early childhood drum in hopes of doing better for our youngest students. The trouble is that they are losing the far.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if he was pushing harder on the tax reform recommendations which his task force made, there would be more funding for things like early child education. If provided with a zero sum budgetary proposition, maybe we need to be spending the funds at the front end of early ed instead of trying the two minute drill at the end of the game with no drop out legislation.