Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Credentials sufficient to generate the respect 
and support of the academic/research community important.
But, No Terminal Degree? No Problem.

University priorities for presidential leadership, coupled with the University’s mission, aspirations, locations, and current statewide conditions suggest that the next President should display particular values and competencies. The Board of Regents and the Presidential Search Committee believe the following characteristics and aptitudes, while not inclusive, are the most important.

Leadership and ability to inspire
• An innovator and visionary with a demonstrated record of leadership in the management of a complex organization.
• The ability to excite and leave an impression and guide EKU in reaching its full potential.
• A leader who is aspirational and will lead and challenge the University to new levels of success and impact.
• An astute manager with a multi-disciplinary orientation who is approachable, honest, diplomatic, and a good listener.
• A trust- and consensus-builder who is decisive and willing to make hard and unpopular decisions when warranted.
• A steward of history, legacy, region, state, and resources.
• A leader who is decisive while inclusive, sees the big-picture as well as the important details, promotes teamwork and collaboration, and engenders loyalty both internally and externally.
Commitment to academic excellence
• A leader who is bold in the pursuit of academic and co-curricular excellence, is committed to transparency and shared governance, and who will engage at the ground-level while empowering talented faculty and staff to deliver results.
• A demonstrated commitment to lead, challenge, and continually assess academic and programmatic offerings to maximize quality and effectiveness.
• An appreciation of the Academy—its past, present, and future.
Engaging and charismatic
• The ability to further position EKU as a leader and cooperating partner in the life and development of the region and the state.
• A commitment to active participation and involvement locally, within the institution’s service boundaries, and beyond.
• A strong track record in the development of strategic partnerships with key economic, civic, government, and educational institutions and their leaders as well as alumni and donors.
Politically astute
• Demonstrated success in developing and sustaining political support across aisles, geographic boundaries, and within and outside of campus.
• Knowledge of how to develop long-term allies.
• A clear understanding of and experience navigating politics at all levels.
• The ability to engage key support for EKU while mitigating intrusion or conflicts of interest.
• High level of sophistication and effectiveness regarding board relations and interface.
Strong fiscal and team management
• A business-minded and accomplished manager, highly capable of managing the resources and personnel of a $225 million, multi-faceted, and complex enterprise.
• Experience in budget development and implementation in times of both strong and challenging financial climates.
• Unwavering accountability of resources.
• A track record of building strong executive teams that work collaboratively to achieve mutually defined goals and objectives.
• A keen eye for executive-level talent and the willingness to delegate and expect accountability.
Effective and compelling communicator, and accomplished friend- and fund-raiser
• Ability to communicate and share fresh ideas with individuals at all levels on and off the campus and regional sites.
• A bold and charismatic spokesperson passionate about the mission of EKU and who can leave an impression on others.
• A leader with effective and sophisticated interpersonal skills who will garner excitement, support, and pride for EKU through the telling of its story and future aspirations.
• A demonstrated ability to raise capital and attract new sources of funding for programs and operations.
• An effective and authentic spokesperson with experience in marketing and promotion.
Committed to student success
• A commitment to students and student learning as a basis for decision making on the campus and regional sites.
• Genuine enthusiasm to interact with students and participate in student life and activities.
• High expectations for student access, retention, completion and success.
• A demonstrated and consistent commitment to diversity at all levels including institutional governance and administrative leadership, student recruitment and retention efforts, faculty and staff composition, and volunteer boards and committees.
• Open minded, intentional, and genuine about diversity efforts; committed to sustainability and wellness.
• An earned doctorate or terminal degree in an academic discipline preferred but not required.
• Credentials sufficient to generate the respect and support of the academic/research community important.
• Experience as a CEO, university president, executive with multi-departmental or divisional responsibility, or the equivalent preferred.
• A veteran or familiarity with veteran conditions and needs a plus.
• A demonstrated innovator or entrepreneur.
• The highest level of ethics and commitment to the mission of EKU.
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Anonymous said...

And be able to pat head and rub stomach while saying the alphabet backwards.

Anonymous said...

I would like someone who can play the fiddle or banjo. Also, someone who knows how to play euchre or spades. Doesn't hit the booze to hard but enjoys a few beers with the kids. Knows how to drive a three speed on the column, enjoys fishing and a Friendly spouse too.