Saturday, September 08, 2012

Cardinal Valley principal, academic dean are placed on administrative leave

Ivonne Beegle became the first Hispanic female principal in Fayette County, in 2007, when the former Spanish teacher and specialist in English as a second language was named Principal at Cardinal Valley Elementary.  Beegle told the Herald-Leader she hoped to create a plan of checks and balances for the school that was systemic, "so that we can ensure that every child reaches proficiency."

This from The Herald-Leader:
The principal and the academic dean at Lexington's Cardinal Valley Elementary School have been placed on paid administrative leave as a result of allegations of misconduct, the Fayette Public Schools said Tuesday.

School district spokeswoman Lisa Deffendall said that an investigation is under way, and that she could provide few other details.

Tuesday was the first day that Principal Ivonne Beegle and Academic Dean Suzanne Ray have been off work, Deffendall said.

Cardinal Valley has been one of the Fayette Schools' brightest spots on state tests over the past few years, recording significant gains in student achievement.

Defendall said Tuesday that she couldn't discuss the type of misconduct alleged. But in answer to questions, she said the allegations do not involve individual students or school finances.

"We just started the investigation," Deffendall said. "All we know at this point is what I have shared with you."

Barbara Albaugh, a retired former principal, will fill in at Cardinal Valley starting Wednesday, Deffendall said. The district also will provide other administrative support at the school if needed.
Faculty and staffers at Cardinal Valley were notified of the situation in a meeting Tuesday morning, Deffendall said. Letters also were sent home to parents on Tuesday.

It is unclear how long the investigation might continue.

Deffendall said the school district normally places people on administrative leave for up to 20 days, although it can extend that period or cut it short.
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