Friday, August 19, 2011

From the Department of Shameless Self-Promotion

A big thank you to my colleagues in the EKU College of Education, Department of Curriculum & Instruction, Dean Bill Phillips, Assoc Dean Kim Naugle, Asst Dean Sherwood Thompson, and Dr Dorie Combs for the new hardware yesterday. I really appreaciate it.

A special thanks to my research partner Dr J. Jeannette Lovern for her kind nomination, and for proclaiming me "the hardest working scholar in rock and roll."

As one who is still new to this tenure-track thing, I have to say it's been a busy year and there are a lot of folks to thank.

International presentation and paper – Invited to present “ Each Child, Every Child” to the International Symposium on School Reform (ISER) at the University of Pretoria, in July. The paper on that presentation, Day, Richard, “The Council for Better Education and Education Reform in Kentucky,” was peer-reviewed and has been accepted for inclusion in the ISER 2010 Proceedings (2011). Thanks to UK Drs Lars Bjork and Justin Bathon for their encouragement and the University of Pretoria's Dr Johann Beckmann and School of Excellence Principal Tinus Duprez for their assistance.

National Book Chapter -  “Presenting Live in South Africa: From my Family Room,“ in Blythe and Sweet, It Works For Me: Becoming a Publishing Scholar/Researcher, 2011.  Thanks to EKU Drs Charlie Sweet and Hal Blythe.

State Article – Day, Richard,Bert Combs and the Council for Better Education: Catalysts for School Reform,” in press. The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Winter 2011. Thanks to Register editor Nelson Dawson.
State Oral History Interview – Day, Richard, “An interview with Robert F. Sexton,” Accepted by the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky, (not peer reviewed) Available August 2011. Thanks to Doug Boyd in the UK archives. For Bob.

State Presentation – Day, Richard, “EduBlogging: Voice and Authority,” Kentucky Association of Teachers of Educators Annual Conference, Georgetown College, September, 2010.

State Presentation – “Teachers Standing Against Bullying,” Kentucky Education Association - Student Program, Student Assembly, Eastern Kentucky University, April 2011.

Local Presentation – Keynote address, “M A Cassidy: A Man and His School,“ Fayette County Public Schools, Cassidy School, on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary and Rededication of M A Cassidy School, Nov 2010. Thanks to Stu, Rhonda and the hardest working PTA in rock and roll for a wonderful evening.

National Article – Lovern, J Jeannette and Richard Day, Do the Kentucky Learning Goals Established in the 1990s Provide Students with the Education They Purport: A Study of Graduates’ Perceptions” The Researcher, April (2nd Quarter/Spring) 2011.

National Book Chapter – Lovern, J Jeannette and Richard Day, Why Is It So Darn Hard to Get That Article Pushed Out the Door” in Blythe and Sweet, It Works For Me: Becoming a Publishing Scholar/Researcher, 2011.

State Book Chapter – Day, Richard and Joann Ewalt, “Education Reform in Kentucky: Just What the Court Ordered,” In Clinger, James C., and Michael Hall, Taking Kentucky Politics Seriously: Government, Politics, and Policymaking in the Bluegrass, University Press of Kentucky, Submitted, revised, awaiting acceptance, nd.

State Presentation – Daniels, Chris, Jayne Violette, Dorie Combs, Richard Day, Sorocco Zaragosa, “The LEAF Fellows Program: Multidisciplinary Seeds Enhance Teaching and Learning and Engage P-12 Teachers,” AdvancED Conference, Lexington, KY, Dec  2010.

Coming soon:
"Berea College - Coeducationally and racially Integrated: An UnlikelyContingency in the 1850's," Day, Richard, Roger Cleveland and June Hyndman, In revision, Journal of Negro Education.
"M. A Cassidy" Progressive Schoolman," Day Richard and Lindsey DeVries, Presentation and paper to the Organization of Educational Historians in Chicago, October 2011.

"The Kentucky Case: A Transition Point in the National Struggle for Equitable and Adequate Schools," Day, Richard, Presentation and paper to the Organization of Educational Historians in Chicago, October 2011.

The Rural School Improvement Project, Day, Richard, Lindsey DeVries and Amanda Hoover, Working paper, probably destined for submission to the Register this fall.

"By Ohio's Sparkling Waters: An Early History of Schooling in Ludlow, Kentucky." Working paper...looking like 2012.

Thanks also to our departmental scholars support group: J'nette, Angie Madden, Karen Mololey, Ginni Fair, Margaret Moore, and Diana Porter.  


Richard Innes said...


Congratulations. You've been energetic, and this looks like a very nice reward.

Richard Day said...

Thanks Richard.

It is very gracious of you to say so.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Day,

To be honest, I'm torn on the issue of self promotion. I have difficulty doing it in a district whose mantra is "It's about Kids." This might have something to do with the fact that I watched the shameless self promotion of our former CEO for the past six years, wincing as he won award after award as I looked at a teaching staff that was increasingly becoming overburdened with "teaching to the test," and realizing that even a teacher who filed a civil rights complaint could be escorted from the school by security personnel.

Thos comments aside, your list of publications gives proof that you are, in addition to a teacher, advisor, and discussion board moderator, an active scholar. I say keep it up. I don't always like what you have to say, but I know you are not the kind of man who uses this column for personal gain. And I know you were never a principal your staff was afraid of.