Friday, May 13, 2011

House Bill Calls for Eliminating 43 Education Programs

The piecemeal assault on the Department of Education has begun. Expect NCLB reauthorization to be taken hostage in the process.

This from Politics K-12:

Forty-three education programs would be scrapped under a bill introduced today by Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., the chairman of the House Education and the Workforce subcommittee that oversees K-12 policy.

Backstory from Politics K-12.

"It's time to trim the fat," Hunter said in a statement. "Today I will introduce legislation that will eliminate—not consolidate, not defund, but eliminate—43 wasteful K-12 education programs. At a time when approximately one-third of American fourth graders can't read, we must concentrate on education initiatives that have a track record of putting the needs of students first."

Among the programs the bill would eliminate are Striving Readers, the Even Start Family Literacy Program, and the National Writing Project...

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