Friday, January 21, 2011

School District Evaporation

The district has come apart so quickly
it's left students shell-shocked.

This from the Enquirer:

Last year Little Miami High School sophomore Allie Blake read 60 books from her school library. This year the librarian was reassigned to other schools and the library closed - its shelves sealed with shrink-wrap - to save money.

At junior Claire Schad's choir performances, students pass the hat to pay for sheet music and piano tunings. Schad, who hopes to major in music in college, worries the high school music program will be cut her senior year.

Sophomore Shawn Lansdell just got his class ring. Now, as his district considers dissolving after seven straight tax levy defeats, he wonders how long his high school will even exist.

Little Miami's fiscal crisis is not, at heart, about state takeovers, taxpayer revolts or school board politics. It is about students - who watch helplessly as their school system evaporates around them.

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