Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Super Salaries 09-10

The superintendent of schools is a vital position of great influence in a community, but it is seen by many as simply a political position. It is surely that, but not only that. The superintendent of schools in most communities runs the largest organization around. The superintendent is bombarded with a volume of administrative responsibilities and there is the implicit expectation that he or she will be able to keep enough citizens happy with their schools.

It has been said that "uncertainty" is the hallmark of the job and much of the work revolves around the ability to create and maintain relationships. Today's superintendent is not an overseer or manager – he or she is an instructional leader who must employ skill and finesse to drive change int he district.

So, what is a good superintendent worth?

On average, Kentucky superintendents earned $116,975 last year. Over 174 school districts, that comes to $20,353,649 spent on superintendent's salaries.

Leading the list is Sheldon Berman in Jefferson County with his $260,000 salary and 97,850 students.

A much better job would appear to be Stu Silberman's, with his salary of $232,033 and 36,736 Fayette County students, that's 89% of the salary with only 37% of the students.

The Top 40

At the bottom of the food chain is James Palm at Southgate with its 153 students. He makes $70,248, less than many school principals. He also serves as the district administrator in charge of Data, District Personnel, District Wide Programs, English as a Second Language/Limited English Proficiency, Facilities, Finance and Business, Public Information and Pupil Personnel. But what a great place to learn.

I always thought that Bobby Storer had the best job in Kentucky when he was superintendent in Walton-Verona. Small close knit community that values its schools, was doing a good job for its 1,400 kids and about $120,000 salary. Sweet.

It has even gotten sweeter recently as Bill Boyle will pull down $159,500 this year which places Walton-Verona in the top 25. 124th in size and 13th in salary.

Other small districts in the top 25 include Dayton Independent with its 958 students. Gary Rye makes $141,441, 23rd in the state.

Then there's Newport and their 1.991 students. Superintendent Michael Brandt will earn $192,109 this year; third best in the state.

The Big Movers

These districts added the most to the
Superintendent's salary line this year.

Big Movers Down

These districts took the most out of the
Superintendent's salary line this year.

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