Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Arizona Principal Suspended for Sarcastic Letter

"The math we do is really easy.
If your child is either too lazy or too stupid
to finish it in class, I'm sending it home
so that you can work with them and judge for yourself
whether it is laziness or idiocy that inhibits your child's progress."

--Litchfield Elementary School principal Ron Sterr

This from Fox News:
An Arizona school principal who penned a sarcastic letter that chided parents for children who were either "too lazy or too stupid" to complete their assignments in class was suspended after the missive was mistakenly sent home...

Ron Sterr has called each parent individually to apologize and take responsibility, the Litchfield school district said.

The letter sent home Jan. 26 with second graders also contained passages about students with peanut allergies and emotional problems stemming from puppy deaths.
Sterr explained that the letter was a "joke" written in response to comments made by "an individual" and was intended to mock those views. A teacher sent it home.

Sterr told the Associated Press that nothing in the letter represents his views toward children.
"I have always loved the kids, and I believe they know it. For anyone to assume
that I have those kinds of views is uninformed."

But Superintendent Dr. Julianne Lein, who one assumes is informed, said the district apologizes for the incident and removed Sterr from Litchfield Elementary as he faces demotion and possible termination.

Hat tip to James Smith.

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