Friday, November 14, 2008

Good News for The Ville, Ramsey

The internal audit that absolved UofL in awarding John Deasy an easy degree leaves one in doubt that such audits can be fully trusted. But let's hope this one can. After all, everything points to former Dean Robert Felner as the prime bad actor in the grant scandal, despite his being surrounded by enablers - or were they victims too?

Yesterday's audit report should come as some relief to President James Ramsey if only to confirm the extent of Felner's toxic effect.

This from Nancy Rodriguez at C-J:

Auditors: No further evidence of wrongdoing at U of L education school

In the wake of alleged grant mismanagement at the University of Louisville’s education school, auditors said [yesterday] that they have found no further evidence of possible wrongdoing.

Dave Barker, the university’s internal auditor, said at a trustee meeting that his staff has completed its field work and is drafting its final report on the College of Education and Human Development.He said he expects the report to include recommendations for financial controls at the college.

“We have not seen anything that resembles or leads us to believe there is further fraud,” he said.

So the extent of the alleged theft and attempted theft from UofL totals $816,000. Felner allegedly made off with $1.7 million from the University of Rhode Island.

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