Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Grade Inflation

An Op Ed from the Ashland Daily Independent says more students are taking demanding classes but NAEP reading and math scores are still falling.

They argue...More kids taking advanced classes + higher grades = lower NAEP test scores + dumbed down curriculum + grade inflation.

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Emily Hensley said...

This is a pretty old post, but it originated in my hometown's newspaper, so I thought I should comment on it. Most of my friends in high school were in advanced placement classes; I was in "accelerated" or AP classes all four years of high school. I would just like to say that I do not feel that any of my classes were "dumb downed" in any way. While I cannot say the same for other schools or even other classes within my own high school, I can say that my own AP English course was run much like many of the English courses I have been enrolled in here at Eastern Kentucky University. Grade inflation may happen in some AP classes, but it was certainly not a common theme in my own high school, and I certainly hope that teachers would not participate in such as they would miss a great chance to challenge their students.