Friday, February 23, 2007

Courier Journal rolls over

A February 22nd editorial in the Louisville Courier-Journal urges the Council for Better Education NOT to appeal the sumary judgment issues against them in the Franklin Circuit Court.

Here's my response: (submitted to the Courier-Journal, 23 February 2007)

It would seem that the editorial folks at C-J have fallen into the same old trap that created the historically poor school system in Kentucky - blaming the school districts for not divining their own salvation. Never mind that they are powerless to do so. If the system is flawed the ONLY folks who can fix it sit in the General Assembly.

When inadequately funded, the state's SEEK funding formula punishes property rich districts while rural districts do somewhat better.

C-J needs to be on the side of our children, Kentucky's future economic competitiveness, and against legislative foot-dragging in the face of an obvious problem.

We're a poor state and our relatively meager efforts to support our schools has left us uncompetitive and promises to keep Kentucky near the bottom in the future. Our educational attainment, while improving, is still relatively low.

We're poor...because we're undereducated...because we're poor...because we're undereducated.

C'mon C-J, figure it out.

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