Saturday, May 20, 2017

Charter School Chatter

I was invited to join Tom Shelton and Brent McKim for a conversation on charter schools in Kentucky during a recent edition of Eastern Standard, hosted by WEKU's John Hingsbergen.

Here's the station promo:

Kentucky Charter Schools on Eastern Standard

May 8, 2017

Host John Hingsbergen sat down with Drs. Richard Day and Tom Shelton in our studio to talk about Charter schools in Kentucky. We also heard from Brent Mckim out of Lousiville and Tiffany Williams from a Cincinnati Charter school via phone.
Photo by Marisa Hempel.
Kentucky’s General Assembly has passed legislation that will allow  Charter schools to open as early as next year.

On this week’s EST, we’ll learn more about Charter schools and where they’re most likely to first appear in the Commonwealth. Guests on this week's program include:
  • Richard Day: EKU's Faculty Regent, and Professor at Eastern Kentucky University's School of Clinical Educator Preparation.
  • Brent Mckim: President of Jefferson County Teacher’s Association: Brent was a high school physics teacher for fifteen years, and has been president of JCTA since 2001. He also lobbies the state legislature on behalf of members and is the chair of the representative council. Brent also serves on the National Education Association’s Committee on Legislation.
  • Dr. Tom Shelton: formerly Fayette County Superintendent and Executive director of The Kentucky Association of School Superintendents (KASS). Dr. Shelton is also assistant professor of education leadership at Eastern Kentucky University.
We will also be hearing from Tiffany Williams, Principal of the K-6 school at Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy in Ohio, a K-12 Charter school to tell us of the successes of their Charter, which has been educating students since 1999.

Send your questions or comments before the show to , or call 859-622-1657 and leave a message, or call in when you tune in for EST Thursday morning at 11:00 on 88-9 WEKU. You can also post a comment or question for our guests regarding charter schools in Kentucky to our Facebook page, or tweet @WEKUEST.

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