Friday, February 19, 2016

Higher ed cuts a false choice, not tough love

University presidents not crying wolf on impact of cuts

Bevin undercutting future to preserve ideology

Students, families will pay the price

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solarity said...

I graduated from UK in 1974. Sure would be nice to hear someone at UK explain why I could self-finance my entire education via summer jobs and part-time work back then. Graduated with zero debt. Thats not even a remotely realistic possibility today. The astronomic rise rise in tuition and fees since those days, accompanied by a similarly colossal increase in administrative staff, is seldom addressed. Wonder why.

It would be so wonderfully refreshing if a public university president actually acknowledged the enormous administrative "fat" that has seeped into their non-teaching staff over the past couple decades and indicated that perhaps reducing some of that fat would be the first step to reducing expenses. Never gonna happen. Have to protect the fiefdom at all costs which means immediately hinting at tuition increases. So shameless and yet utterly predictable.

Richard Day said...

Here's your answer...