Saturday, October 10, 2015

JCPS Board Member Finds Truth in Hensley's Resignation

This from the Courier-Journal:
[Jefferson County Board of Education] member Linda Duncan said Thursday she was shaken by [the resignation of JCPS Chief Academic Officer Dewey Hensley].
Linda Duncan

"The letter was painful for me to read, because I know it's true," Duncan said. She has long heard stories from JCPS employees about a top-down culture, low morale and a lack of trust, she said.

"You have people all over the district who are celebrating the truth," Duncan said. She said Hensley played a key role in JCPS and said she was disturbed that somebody who was still in the middle of his career felt he had no choice but to resign.

Duncan said Hensley's resignation is just "one more issue" that is making her question management issues, and that she plans to bring it up during a Monday discussion among the board members about Hargens' formative evaluation.

"I look around and see all these holes of positions not filled and that does not make me feel good," Duncan said. "I see all this experience leaving the district, and that does not make me feel good."

Hensley's resignation means Hargens' seven-member cabinet is less than half-filled.

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