Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stewart Skewers Atl Judge

This from The Daily Show:
Wherein John Stewart smacks the judge who sentenced the teachers in the Atlanta Cheating Scandal...for being so incredibly out of touch with reality.

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Bringyoursaddlehome said...

Very Entertaining, sad but entertaining.

Even better is if you connect assessment companies like Pearson as stock enties as well as state tax $ investment in the market. Then you have teachers being imprisoned by the state for screwing up their investments as well as their test vendors stock value. I know it is a stretch but Daily makes it pretty clear that we live under two different types of justice systems in our country.
The most ironic part is the wall street loan company folks are probably the individuals who did well on those standardized tests about a decade or so back. So what does that seem to say about the value of the assessments and what they measure?