Saturday, July 19, 2014

Does anyone Graduate in 4 Years Anymore?

This from the Huffington Post:
Only spending four years in college is pretty rare these days.

An analysis by the data site FindTheBest of federal statistics housed in the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System finds there is no state where a majority of students graduate college in four years.

Virginia ranks at the top with 46 percent graduating in four years, and New Hampshire boasts 41 percent. A few other states like Iowa, Delaware and Washington aren't too far behind with close to two-fifths of students getting degrees in four years.

Nevada comes in dead last with just 8.75 percent graduating in four years, unless you count Washington, D.C., which posted a mere 3 percent 4-year graduation rate.

Things are a bit better if you look at the 6-year graduation rates, but the states' rankings are relatively unchanged.

Earlier this week, a report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center showed 68.7 percent of all first-time students who started in fall 2012 returned to college for the fall 2013 semester, down one point from fall 2009.


Anonymous said...

I urge the moderator to continue to shed light on the leadership of Fayette County Schools. It is clear that we have a lame duck superintendent, and I have sympathy for the man. Divorce, accusations of financial mismanagement, lost trust. But, and this is true: WE DESERVE BETTER. It is not surprising that the self appointed leaders of the business community (Lear, Scanlon) and the African American community (Peeples and Adkins) continue to support Shelton, but I urge those of us who really care about kids to stand up and speak loudly for Shelton's resignation or his dismissal.

Anonymous said...

Even more important that shedding light on the leadership of FCPS is the fact that the estabishment's candidates simply cannot win the two school board seats up for election in November. The superintendent's buddies in the business community are seeking to replace his most outspoken critics with puppets who will ask no questions and permit the abuses to continue. How serious is the business community? Bill Lear, Ken and Becky Sagan and a few others are hosting a joint fundraiser for candidates Roger Cleveland and Natasha Murray!

Asy yourself this: Do you think Murray and Cleveland are going to question the huge raises given to Vince Mattox and his secretary? Do you think Murray and Cleveland would vote against a budget to prevent massive cuts to district programs like band, orchesta and music? Do you think Murray and Cleveland are going to stop schemes designed to provide huge raises to certain favorities in the central office? I don't see that happening, especially when Cleveland is sticking district money in his pocket, has free reign over a district program in Carter G. Woodson and has successfully placed his friends on the district payroll!

Do you really think Cleveland and Murray are going to care about teacher and staff morale, which gets worse by the day? Think about it! If Cleveland and Murray win, teachers and parents will have absolutely no voice in the district and Shelton, Young and Mattox are going to be able to do anything they want when they want.

These elections are important! Do your homework on your candidates and choose wisely.