Thursday, June 05, 2014

Under Pressure

Audit begins, Shelton Makes a Trip to the Emergency Room

State auditor starts investigation into Fayette County schools

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This from the Herald Leader:
Staff from Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen's office were at Central Office Wednesday to investigate allegations made last week by the district's budget director.

Edelen spokeswoman Stephenie Hoelscher said she did not know how long the special investigation would take.

Kentucky Department of Education spokeswoman Nancy Rodriguez said staff talked with Fayette County school district officials to obtain some general information about fund balances. However, she said they "did not render a final opinion in this or any other matter."

"The Office of the State Auditor has agreed to conduct an independent audit of accounting transactions and other concerns raised recently," said Rodriguez. She said the department will assist the auditor as needed.

Fayette superintendent Shelton sent home after emergency room visit

And this:
Fayette County Public Schools Superintendent Tom Shelton had a problem with his blood pressure Wednesday that resulted in a colleague taking him to the emergency room.

Shelton became light-headed and nauseous shortly after 10:30 a.m. Wednesday and was taken to the emergency room as a precautionary measure, according to district spokeswoman Lisa Deffendall.

Shortly after 6 p.m. Wednesday, Deffendall said "after many tests," doctors determined that Shelton's sudden illness was due to an issue with his blood pressure. "They sent him home to rest just before 5 p.m. with medicine and instructions to do more of the things we know are good for us. He expects to return to work tomorrow."

"Thank you for the uplifting messages and well-wishes so many of you sent today," Shelton said in a statement. "High blood pressure runs in my family and I need to pay close attention to my health."

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Casey said...

I hope Tom Shelton will take steps to protect the financial health of the district, his personal health and the health of the students. I was recently in line at the grocery store ahead of a mother buying cases of soda because she needed the pull tabs for her child's extra credit at school. "For every extra sugar-sweetened beverage (355 mL) consumed each day there was a 1.6 mm Hg increase in systolic blood pressure and a 0.8 mm Hg increase in diastolic blood pressure."

BehindEnemyLines said...

First, I hate to see the health of anyone suffer regardless of the situation. I am hopeful that Dr. Shelton's health improves soon.

Now on to some interesting info: I have done a comparison of salaries for 2012-13 and 2013-14 using public information sites and found the following concerning three individuals:

Vince Mattox earned $111,886 in 2012-13. He earned 124,797 in 2013-14. This is a difference of $12,911, a 10.91% increase over a year.

Mary Wright earned 142,179 in 2012-13. She earned 156,206 in 2013-14. This is a difference of $14,027, a 9.40% increase over a year.

Tanya Dailey (Vince's administrative assistant) earned $50,939 in 2012-13. Her pay was increased to $60,343 in 2013-14. This is a difference of $9,404, a 17.05% increase over a year!

How many teachers or classified staff saw any increases over 2.5% during that same time period? Talk about unfair? My goodness!

There is nothing in the board minutes approving these salary increases in the school board's minutes or agendas.

Also, where in the world did Jimmy Meadows come from? His position just appeared out of the thin-blue air. He didn't replace Kelly Ransdell. That position was reserved for Lu Young! I guess when you are a consultant on the side with Millennium Learning Concepts, a company owned by now-school board candidate Roger Cleveland, I guess we can simply create good, high-paying jobs for friends. Go check Jimmy Meadows' LinkedIn profile if you don't believe me.

Now I understand why Amanda Ferguson and Doug Barnett have opposition. Gotta throw those darn squeaky wheels in the garbage!

Anonymous said...

You may spike my comment as mean-spirited and gateful, but I believe Shelton faked his own illness.

I'm sorry to say that, but that's the way I feel.

And thanks to the above commenter.I had no idea what the salaries were at Central Office.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Shelton is clearly too ill to continue. He has a guaranteed pension for life and needs to retire now. It is nothing short of arrogance to have us continue to endure what passes for his "leadership."

Anonymous said...

Last day of school. Praying for his resignation.