Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fundraiser List, Emails Raise Questions About Former Indiana Schools Superintendent Tony Bennett

This from WFPL:
Former Indiana schools chief Tony Bennett faces scrutiny over the discovery of lists of Republican fundraisers on Department of Education servers and emails he sent directing staff to dissect a speech by Democrat Glenda Ritz.
An election law attorney says the fundraiser lists and an August 2012 email to aides including chief of staff Heather Neal appear to violate election and ethics laws prohibiting state employees from engaging in political activity while on duty. The rules also bar them from ordering others to do so and using state resources for political purposes.

Bennett denies any violations and says the fundraising lists were used to make "thank you calls" after the election.

Inspector General David Thomas says his office is investigating Bennett but won't discuss the nature of the probe.

Bennett lost his bid for re-election as Indiana superintendent of public instruction last year. He was later named Florida's education chief, but he resigned in August after questions were raised about actions during his tenure in Indiana.

Bennett was a longtime Southern Indiana educator. In recent years before taking state office, he'd served as an assistant superintendent for New Albany-Floyd County schools and as the superintendent for Greater Clark County Schools.

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone report this abuse when it happens? Why are we always Monday morning quarterbacking what we should have done with these jokers like Bennett and our own Farmer.

Maybe we put too much trust in these guys and the koolaid they are peddling and then we give them the keys to the store without ever checking the inventory.