Saturday, August 10, 2013

Duck Dynasty cast to raise money for Kentucky school

This from WDRB:
Faith and ducks are coming together to make miracles happen at a Kentucky school.

The cast of the popular A & E show, Duck Dynasty, has agreed to come to Central Kentucky for a speaking engagement. All profits from the event will benefit Frankfort Christian Academy. The school is trying to raise money for a new science lab, locker rooms, air conditioning in the gymnasium, and more classrooms.

Construction work on the locker rooms and new science lab began years ago, but came to a halt when funds dried up as a result of the recession. Crews haven't worked on the project in more than five years.

The school Principal, Kim Burgess, also says they are in need of bleachers in the gym. Right now, there are only temporary bleachers, and many children have to sit on the floor during assemblies.

WDRB 41 Louisville News
 A parent group in charge of raising money decided to think outside the box. They invited the stars of the hit reality show "Duck Dynasty" to come to the region and help them raise money.

"A lot of people do selling wrapping paper and selling cookie dough and this is a new exciting way to do it," said 1st grade teacher Jennifer Cull.

And if you think the reality cast is an odd match for a Christian school....the staff reminds you of the show's motto: Faith, family, and ducks.

"Our school is founded on faith, but we are also about family, and the Robertson family that's what they exude too," said Burgess.

And with the current science lab exceeding capacity, the school is also hoping funds raised through the event will provide a bigger space.

"It opens up a lot of extra possibilities for the students," said first year science teacher Thomas Smith. He hopes a new space will mean more learning on the horizon. "One experiment is to measure the speed of light, and to do that you need a little more space."

And if you think only the kids are excited to meet the stars, you're wrong.

"I'm pretty excited to meet Miss Kay, because when in doubt, ask miss Kay," said Cull.

The event will take place Sept. 29 at Rupp Arena. Tickets are priced between $42 and $225. Tickets are available at

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