Monday, May 21, 2012

A Faith-based Initiative in the FCPS Transportation Department

For at least the second time, magical elements have been called into service to rid a Fayette County School bus of evil spirits.

A circle of salt, smashed strawberries, and feathers from some unfortunate (or is it heroic?) bird were essential elements in a cleansing ceremony performed by one FCPS driver on Thursday. The ceremony, which is said to be religious, was apparently well-intended; to keep the children safe through the elimination of unspecified evil spirits. One assumes the driver's involved were not thinking of the children themselves.

Still it is unclear how well Fayette County parents will accept this particular faith-based initiative.

According to The Only Wiccan Spell Book You'll Ever Need, at page 74 (ahem), it is the
Wiccans' modern awareness of the pathological problems associated with the use of actual blood that has led Wiccans to substitute strawberries or passion fruit in today's spell recipes. 

School officials told H-L they are handling the matter administratively. I wonder what that means.

This from WLEX:
School officials are looking into some strange happenings at a Fayette County bus garage Thursday after one witness found the leftovers of what she calls a voodoo ceremony. Some call it a joke, others say it's nothing to laugh about.
The ceremony happened at the bus garage on Old Frankfort Pike, and it had many people who saw it doing a double take. Photos sent to LEX 18 show what was left afterward, including feathers tied to the bus door, and another picture of a red-colored mess on the ground near the bus that's said to be a pile of mashed up strawberries, apparently one of the elements used in the ceremony.
A spokesperson for Fayette County says a bus driver who is a member of the Wiccan faith was asked by another bus driver to cleanse his bus of "evil spirits." The so-called cleansing ceremony took place after all the routes were over and no students were involved.
School officials say when they found out, they cleaned up the material and are handling the incident administratively.
Is there really a policy to turn to for such an occurrence? KSN&C has been told the driver has been "talked to" about this before. Assuming that talk included a request that the individual refrain from eliminating evil in this particular manner, what's next? One supposes this to be a matter of maybe a really stern talking to is in order.

I suppose an insubordination charge might hold up, assuming the district can legally request the driver to stop getting salt on the ground; and do so without alarming the maintenance department's road crews. But district officials have until next winter to worry about that.

Alternatively, the driver might be employed by the district to make salt circles around the Director's office. Weave a circle 'round him thrice....

A friend, FCPS employee, and KSN&C reader asked, "Can things get any worse at FCPS Transportation?"

Perhaps we will soon be able to quit worrying. Apparently, higher powers are being called do something.


Anonymous said...

Fayette County Schools has done little to offer any degree of protection for Wiccans, sadly. I taught a girl who was mercifullay bullied for being a Wiccan by her Christian peers. Diversity has a narrow meaning in our schools.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but this is just weird. Makes staff look silly and the supposed indifference and heartless nature of transportation leadership now looks less harmful and perhaps even responsive to staff members who obviously have a public agenda if not some behaviors which simply don't belong in the education business. Wonder what would happen if a teacher pulled this in the doorway of a classroom.

Stick to the facts and stop creating theater where there doesn't need to be any.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like if you work in the bus gararge you either abuse your power or you are unhappy with your job. Good answer would be to just do away with busing of children. No law says you are required to transport children and just think of all the money we would save in salaries, fuel, maintenance and bus purchases. I am tired of listenting to all the complaining, either do something tangible or quit and get another job. This story just makes employees look as ridiculous as the people they are complaining about.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but sounds like some disgruntled Christian drivers got spooked by a Wiccan. No worries. Mr. Kiser, never a fan of the First Amendment, will have the driver fired.

Anonymous said...

One wonders whether those of other religions are instructed to keep their faith away from the grounds as well... Somehow I can't see that.

Anonymous said...

"Stick to the facts?"

Oh so typical of those who do not teach in the school system. The facts are these: diversity as it is framed at Central Office includes an awaremenss of those with disabilities and those who are African Americans. Both groups have long been ostracized and until recently their concerns have been ignored.

Still, there are other minority groups: gay and lesbian students and faculty, Wiccans,Spanish-speaking students and faculty. They have stories to tell, but their concerns are, for the most part, ignored.

Many principals, teachers, and students see the Wiccan tradition as witchcraft, hence they are not responsive to the concerns of this growing mionoroty group.

Anonymous said...

More discrimination in our school system. I am so disappointed that this piece was printed because it will simply be used to inflame.
Wiccans face much discrimination here.

There are many schools where faculty members keep crosses --even large ones--on their desk. No big deal is made about that.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a difference between wearing a cross or star around your neck and performing a ritual on school property. If a Christian tried to lead a prayer in class he or she would get slammed by the school, papers and court. Why should Wiccans (or whoever did this) be treated differently?