Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cell video shows five-year-old being bullied by teen

This from WYMT:
A shocking attack on a school bus caught on tape. Tonight a mother says video shows her five-year-old son being picked up and thrown around by a 17-year-old student.

Now the Lee County School District and the Sheriff's Office have started an investigation.
"When I seen and heard that video, I hurt for my boy," said Sabrina Ross.

In the video recorded by a fellow student on a Lee County School bus two-weeks ago, Ross says, the 17-year-old not only kicked her son, but picked him up, carried him over his shoulder and threw him into a seat near the front of the bus.

"There were responsibilities that I feel like the bus driver didn't take," she said. "He should have pulled over, and addressed the situation."

But Ross claims, not only was the incident not reported, the bus driver says he didn't see anything.

"The student grabs my son and walks up to the front of the bus and throws Robert, how did the driver not see that?" Ross questions.

According to Jim Evans, Lee County Schools Superintendent, the investigation was turned over to the Lee County Sheriff's Office. But Evans says, the district is conducting an investigation of its own and disciplinary action against the student and bus driver will be part of that investigation.

"I just don't want any child to go through something like this," Ross explained. "Nobody deserves to be treated like that, especially a little defenseless boy."

Robert who suffers from multiple learning disabilities is also an open heart surgery survivor.

"I took him to the doctor after the attack, and the doctor said one hit the wrong way, could have killed him."

Ross is in the process of pressing charges now.

"I want justice, not just for my son, but for any child who is the victim or could become the victim of bullying."

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Anonymous said...

Terrible event but lets call it what it is and that is an assault.