Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Longitudinal Measures Approximating Student Attainment of Kentucky Core Academic Standards

The Kentucky Department of Education has been whittling down possible names for the new state assessment mandated (but not exactly paid for) in Senate Bill 1.

From a long list of possible terms,
the KDE leadership team narrowed the possibilities to three.

TASK - Testing and Accountability System of Kentucky
BEST - Bluegrass Education Standards Test
K-PREP - Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress

Now they are asking folks (this means you) to vote for the one that best describes the new system. The survey also gives people the opportunity to suggest their own name.

Take the survey here.

It is, perhaps regrettable - perhaps not - that the wordsmiths at KDE passed on a few suggestions from KSN&C readers, like...
  • Do-Over Grading System
  • SB1T
  • Keep It Strong and Stable
  • the corporate sponsored, McDonald's Happy Meal Test
  • NTLS - No teacher left standing
  • KONCEAL - Kentucky's Official Need to Conceal Educational Achievement Legally
  • KCAT - Kentucky Core Assessment Test
  • BS1 - better standards 1

Plus, the department is working on a new Senate Bill 1/Unbridled Learning page for the KDE website. Click on the Unbridled Learning logo on the KDE homepage, or lookie here to see that page.


Anonymous said...

To tie into your April Fool's Day post, it could be Bluegrass Learning & Understanding Evaluation (BLUE).

Anonymous said...

TASK test and BEST test are awkward to say. K-PREP reminds me of K-FED (probably not a great role model). That leaves other. How about KEY- Kentucky Evaluates Yearly?

Anonymous said...

TNT The New Test