Monday, December 13, 2010

Name The New Test


OK, boys and girls, it's time to put on your thinking caps.

We had...

KEST: Kentucky Education...something or other. I forgot.

(Ahh. I just remembered: Kentucky Essential Skills Test)

KIRIS: Kentucky Instructional Results Information System

CATS: Commonwealth Accountability Testing System

NCLB - No Child Left Behind (federal)

Avoiding KEST, KIRIS and CATS, tell us your best ideas for the new test.

Surely it won't remain the Senate Bill 1 Test.


I hear that KDE staff are beginning to play the same game. They've been known to check in here now and again. Perhaps some will share their thoughts here.

To stimulate thinking, here's non-exclusive list of words Lisa Gross came up with to get the wheels turning:

21st century; Ability; Accomplish; Accomplishment; Accountability; Achievement; Achieving; All; Assessment; Attain; Attainment; Capacity; Child; Children; Classify; Classification; Commonwealth; Core; Data; Determine; Determining; Direct; Directing; Drive; Driving; Each; Effective; Evaluate; Evaluating; Every; Future; Gain; Gaining; Gauge; Guide; Guiding; Inform; Information; Instruct; Instruction; Kentucky; Learn; Learner; Learning; Master; Mastering; Mastery; Measure; Measurement; Measuring; Move; Moving; Next-Generation; Perform; Performance; Prepare; Preparation; Process; Proficient; Proficiency; Rate; Rating; Reach; Reaching; Ready; Record; Report; Reporting; Results; Skill; Skills; Standard; State; Strategy; Strength; Strengthen; Student; Subject; Succeed; Success; System; Teacher; Test; Validate; Validating; Validation; Value.

Add to that: Longitudinal; Progress...

Name it, but make it snappier than Longitudinal Measures Approximating Student Attainment of Kentucky Core Academic Standards


Amanda Ferguson said...

Richard, you don't know how happy I am you asked this! I have been calling it the "Do-Over Grading System" for months! (-:

Anonymous said...


Senate Bill 1 Test -- as in the:


looks sorta like, and rhymes with "Spit" test. Betcha a lot of kids would go for that one.

Susan Perkins Weston said...

I vote for Keep It Strong and Stable.

Anonymous said...

With the commercialization of childhood I wouldn't be surprised to see the naming rights sold to the highest corporate bidder: McDonald's Happy Meal Test or Chuck E. Cheese's Accountability.

Anonymous said...

NTLS No teacher left standing

Anonymous said...

I propose to name the test KONCEAL.

It stands for Kentucky's Official Need to Conceal Educational Achievement Legally

Anonymous said...

Looks like KCAS is on the horizon. Kentucky Core Assessment (names after the new common core standards)

Anonymous said...

uh, better standards 1